Take a Tour of Manna's Facility (see inside Manna's, as seen on google maps)

Over 10,00 square feet.
There are many training areas at our headquarters located at 12285 Suite B World Trade Drive in San Diego, CA- all air conditioned and professionally maintained.

Our facility has a spacious comfortable waiting/observation area, children's playroom, a display of martial arts equipment, spacious changing rooms, and ample parking.

The Tiger Floor, approximately 2,900 square feet is the main fitness area. This area has 36 liniar feet of mirror, two hanging heavy weight bags, a complete inventory of targets, staffs, adult and children water filled bags, observation area, and complete sound system, to aid in the Aerobic & Bag Kickboxing workouts.

The Dragon Floor, approximately 1,200 square feet of fitness area. This area has 32 liniar feet of mirror, a complete inventory of targets, staffs, adult and child water filled bags, observation area, and and over 30 Swain Olympic judo mats. The Tiger floor can be used as a Hapkido floor, a large matted area for the practice of takedowns and falling.

The PMR (Multi Purpose Room) include 1,300 sq. ft. of activity area designated for our School Age Day Care, weekly/summer sports camps and Leadership Programs, which is available for private instruction and activities. This area has private rest rooms, kitchen, front office, reception and a service area..

Several additional areas to service your needs. A martial arts equipment proshop, for the hands on experience and this months special. 1,500 sq. ft. of secure storage for activity supplies, files, and holiday event items.

We maintain the highest quality instruction in the nation's best facility at a competative and affordable tuition, with no contracts paid monthly.

Come see for yourself, share the excitement and be a proud part of Manna's.