“We have assembled the best team at Manna's supplying you support for your mental and physical goal setting.
We continue to strive to bring each individual the best educational opportunites, in a safe, friendly and positive learning environment using the martial arts as a tool.”

Brian Manna/Founder and President

Brian D. Manna
International Grandmaster 8th Dan
Manna’s Senior Master/President
Teen/Adult, Songin & Leadership Coach

Christopher A. Brandt
Sr. Master Instructor 6th Dan
Manna’s Chief Instructor
Dragon & Outreach Director

Janet K. Manna
Sr. Master Instructor 6th Dan
Manna’s VP/Director
Tiny Tiger & Little Dragon Director

Sue Huey
Instructor 4th Dan
Little Dragons/Tiny Tiger

Sahar Mesri
Instructor 3rd Dan

Ana Walker
Instructor 2nd Dan
Afterschool Enrichment

John Brady
Teacher of Martial Arts
General Atomics Campus

Jenna Kressin
Teacher of Martial Arts
Cornell University

Larry Pennington
Kickboxing Coach
Black Belt


Jill McMahon
MASP Specialist

Casey Meredith
MASP Day Care

Adam Hartsog
MASP Day Care/Black Belt

Rianna McMahon
MASP Day Care


Shaun Alcorn
MASP Day Care Driver

Marell Good
MASP Day Care Diver

Patty McKenzie
MASP Day Care Diver

"Our greatest reward is to provide each student support in their personal success in an safe, friendly and educational environment."