Composure and maintenance in the studio and out. Period.

  1. Arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins.
  2.  Show respect by bowing to Instructors and Black Belts.
  3.  Maintain a clean, correctly marked uniform at all times.
  4.  Remove shoes and place your attendance card before entering the training area.
  5.  Salute the national flag when entering and leaving training area.
  6.  Refrain from loud talking and calm your mind.
  7.  All students take part in keeping the school clean.
  8.  No alcohol, smoking, or gum chewing in school.
  9.  Notify the Instructor in case of absence or injury.
  10.  Observe the  7 CODES of Conduct at all times.


Martial Arts Spirit:
Strong spirit is very important in your training. A Ki Hap (yell) is essential for strong spirit and allows you to focus your mind and power. It also will frighten your opponent and throw them off guard. There is another way to show spirit in traditional Martial Arts, for example, in the Tang Soo Do schools. Is by shouting, Tang Soo! Tang Soo is short for Tang Soo Do, the Korean classical martial art style we are studying. Training in the martial arts is for the individual growth of each student, learning at their own pace. As practitioners we share this in common. With this common goal in mind, at the end of each class or martial arts gathering, unity is shown by raising the right arm with the hand in a fist, shouting Tang Soo!, knowing that this spirit will carry until the next time together.